No art to deals with despots

NY Times:

For Obama, Syria Reveals Risks of ‘Deals With Dictators’

  • After Syria gassed its own people in 2013, President Barack Obama avoided a military strike in favor of an agreement with President Bashar al-Assad to surrender all of his chemical weapons.
  • But last week’s deadly chemical attack has some former Obama advisers questioning the decision to negotiate with Mr. Assad.
Assad is a desperate despot trying to hang on to what is left of his country.  Putin is showing himself to be a devious despot who cannot be trusted on the deals he does to protect his fellow despots.   There appears to be some evidence that the Russians were aware of the use of sarin gas and may have facilitated it.

What is also becoming clear is that Russia and Iran are OK with using sarin against noncombatants in pursuing their objectives in Syria.  They could start World War III to protect their despot's use of WMD.

Whether they can be embarrassed by the evidence of their collusion at the UN is an open question.


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