Hitler refused to use sarin gas against enemy combatants

Washington Post:
Hitler refused to use sarin during WWII. The mystery is why.

He was gassed in World War I. But that may not be why he didn't deploy sarin against his enemies in World War II.
For all their obvious faults and war crimes, there were some things that the German army did not do.  I suspect that early on their blitzkrieg offensives they overwhelmed enemies much faster than gas attacks in World War I. The Germans may have felt that giving its adversaries an excuse to use sarin would slow its offenses.  They were also moving so fast that they would have put their own troops in danger if they had been used against allied forces.

As I noted yesterday, the Germans also as a general rule treated POW's much better than the Japanese, treated captured troops.   They treated captured troops differently from those citizens they selected for extermination.

And there is no comparison to how ISIS treats POW captured by its forces.  ISIS's genocidal ambitions are even greater than those of Hitler and his henchmen.  Assad also appears to have some genocidal ambitions within Syria.


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