Hitler analogies are reserved for the left in describing Trump policies

Washington Post:
Spicer draws fire for claim that even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons

When given the chance to clarify his comment comparing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Adolf, the White House press secretary said Hitler took Jews “into the Holocaust center” but did not use “gas on his own people in the same way that Assad is doing.”
OK, we know that the Nazis used gas chambers to kill many of the victims of the holocaust.  I think what Spicer was trying to say is that Germany did not use gas attacks against enemy troops or civilians other than those imprisoned in the holocaust operation.

It is also fair to say that Hitler generally followed the rules in taking care of POWs.  In that regard, the Germans were less brutal than the Japanese in World War II.  So it could be said in those circumstances they were more humane than Assad or ISIS.  That does not wipe away their sins, but Spicers analogy is not as unfair as the media would imply.

I am still waiting for the media to fact check Democrats who imply that Trump is Hitler.


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