Why the media is playing dumb about surveillance of Trump team

Michael Goodwin:

Leaks and unnamed sources fuel media’s plan to destroy Trump

To judge by their scattershot approach, the conspirators are fishing for a bombshell. The fallback goal is to inflict death by a thousand cuts.
To start with, the unprecedented alliance against him clearly includes remnants of the Obama administration, and probably the former president himself. The recent New York Times report that Obama and his team dropped intelligence findings like bread crumbs so they would get wide readership and to prevent the Trump administration from burying them reveals an attempt to undermine if not subvert a legally elected president.

The Times report conveys suspicions that Trump would deep-six the findings if he could while giving a free pass to Obama’s leakers who may have committed crimes. The Times knows who in the Obama camp was involved and what they did. The paper has an ethical obligation to report it.
Yet the fact that there are leaks reveals something important: The investigation involved monitoring phone calls and maybe computers and maybe physical surveillance.
All that is certain is that we are witnessing a homegrown attack on a sitting president, most likely by elements of our own government and most likely for purely partisan purposes.
The scandal here is the plot to undermine the government of a duly elected President.  This is "Seven Days in May" type stuff that is unprecedented.   But when you consider it is emanating from some of the same folks who conspired to sell guns to Mexican cartels and sic the IRS on Tea Party groups it is definitely believable that there is a plot afoot.


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