Trump authorizes CIA to conduct drone strikes against the enemy

I know a lot of people had a problem with Obama using drones to kill terrorists, especially when they were American citizens bearing arms against their country, I was not one of them. My objection to whacking terrorists with drone attacks is that you only make headway in a counterinsurgency/counterterrorism operation by taking prisoners and wringing them dry. Dead men can’t tell you what they know. And knowing what they know lets you kill more of them, more efficiently, and block their future operations. Unfortunately, as we saw with the raid in Yemen, we’ve entered a Cloud Cuckoo Land in the public and congressional perception of combat operations where missions are considered a failure if any Americans are killed. That kind of unrealistic expectation leaves any administration that is serious about combating terrorism only one tool in its toolbox: the Hellfire missile....
I am with streiff on this one.  Whacking the terrorist rather than capturing them and interrogating them is like finding the enemy's computer and smashing the hard drive without looking at what it contains.  The US was much more successful in preventing attacks when it captured these guys and sent them to Gitmo or other "resorts" for intensive questioning.


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