The Obama leak machine

Washington Free Beacon:
Agencies across the federal government reported at least 37 leaks of classified information in 2016, more than double the number of criminal leaks reported in 2015, according to new information from the Department of Justice that highlights the government's inability to crack down on this illegal behavior.

The unauthorized disclosure of highly classified information has received renewed attention in recent weeks following what the Washington Free Beacon first described as a targeted campaign against Trump administration officials by Obama administration loyalists still operating inside the government. Sources in and out of the White House said this campaign began in late 2016, before Obama left office.

The ouster of former national security adviser Michael Flynn—who saw transcripts of his private phone conversations intercepted by the U.S. intelligence community leaked to newspapers—is believed to have been a central part of this campaign.

The Free Beacon reported earlier this week that a new series of leaks targeting senior White House adviser Sebastian Gorka is part of the campaign aimed at undermining President Donald Trump's national security apparatus.

Leaks of classified information are not a new problem. The U.S. government has been struggling for years to prevent highly classified materials from becoming public.

A review of Justice Department records from 2015 found that executive branch agencies reported at least 37 cases in which classified information was leaked in a criminal manner, according to a memo issued in the wake of a Freedom of Information Act request by the Federation of American Scientists, or FAS.
This appears to be an orchestrated coup attempt seeking regime change in the US by attempting to discredit the Trump administration and attempting to make the US ungovernable.  If I were on the Congressional panel dealing with intelligence, I would call Obama's echo chamber man, Ben Rhodes to testify about the leaks.


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