The media's lack of self awareness on Trump surveillance question

NY Times:

With No Proof, Trump Calls for Obama Phone Tap Inquiry

  • A day after leveling a widely disputed claim that former President Barack Obama had ordered the tapping of his phones, President Trump demanded a congressional inquiry.
  • Mr. Trump called “reports” about the wiretapping “very troubling,” but still offered no evidence for the charge.
This is passing strange.  The Times has run stories on reports that talk about the wiretapping.

Mark Levin even quotes from those stories in making his case against the Obama administration's sabotage attempts against Trump.  The case against the Obama administration is overwhelming and can be found in the stories from the NY Times, the Washington Post, and the Guardian among others.
The only thing that may be in dispute is whether Loretta Lynch ordered the wiretaps on Obama's behalf, but it stretches credulity to suggest Obama was not aware of it and condoned it.  It was very likely in his daily intelligence brief.

Listen to the Levin interview and you will know more than the media is willing to tell you at this point about the scandal.

The Obama denials are disingenuous and misleading, but many in the media appear to be co-conspirators in misleading on this issue.


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