The main reason Democrats are talking about Russia so much is because Hillary lost

Jay Caruso:
If Hillary Clinton had received 80,000 more votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, how much talk on the news would be dominated by Russia? The likelihood it would be discussed at all is minuscule. This despite nothing being different other than who won in November. All of the crowing about Russia by Democrats would have gone instantly silent on November 9, 2016. But the wrong person won, and now Democrats are trying to compensate.

Russia’s role in our election, no matter how minor, should be investigated and done with rigor. If that requires an independent investigator, so be it. But make no mistake. The Democrats, who now want us to believe they’re like Ronald Reagan in West Berlin in 1987, ready to stamp out the Russian threat, are full of it. Their “concern” is nothing but political posturing. For eight years, Democrats, led by President Obama allowed Putin and his cronies to goosestep all over them in all areas.

Step back just over four years ago during the 2012 presidential campaign; Mitt Romney said Russia was our “greatest geopolitical foe.” What did that earn Romney? Mockery. From the very same Democrats who now laughingly say to people questioning their veracity they favor “country over party.”

Here is a video the Free Beacon put together showing politicians and members of the media, their voices dripping with disdain and sarcasm, responding to Romney’s comments. It’s remarkable:

There is more.

Why should you believe anything these people have to say about Russia.  You can't because they now falsely deny they have ever had any contacts with Russians.

Yet the Democrats are the party that tried to undermine Reagan by getting the Soviets to reject agreements with him on disarmament.

Unlike Caruso, I don't believe there is any need for an investigation.  We know exactly what happened.  Some Democrat emails were exposed by Wikileaks, possibly with the help of the Russians.  That is it.  There is zero evidence that the election itself was "hacked."  Any cheating that was done in the voting was likely that by other Democrats trying to run up Clinton's totals.  That is where the real threat to US Democracy can be found.


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