The lawfare vs. warfare approach to terrorism debate continues

NY Times:

Sessions Says Guantánamo Is a ‘Very Fine Place’ for New Suspects

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he would advise President Trump to send new detainees to the wartime prison rather than bring them to civilian courts for prosecution.
I think the lawfare approach to dealing with terrorist has many flaws.  When Clinton put the African Embassy bombers on trial, it exposed some key intelligence sources and methods that ultimately made it much more difficult to prevent the 9-11 attacks.  To tie bin Laden to the attacks the government produced transcripts of bin Laden's satellite phone communications with the bombers.  He immediately quit using the satellite phone and a valuable intelligence opportunity was lost forever.

Treating the detainees as illegal combatants and keeping them at Gitmo until the war is over is a more logical way to deal with them.  Obama's belief that Gitmo created more terrorist has also been shown to be invalid.  The number of Islamic terrorists actually increased after he began releasing more and more terrorists.  While some in the military also bought into this fallacy, it clearly has not been shown to be true.


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