The irony of the "cultural appropriation" argument

Kira Davis:
If there’s anything we’ve learned in the last 5-10 years it’s that there is nothing between the American coasts that will not be targeted for outrage and offense. Cultural appropriation, microaggression, transhopia, male privilege, white privilege…these are all terms meant to quell intelligent debate and shut down alternate opinions before they can be admitted into public discourse.

Nothing is safe, and news out of Claremont, CA confirms that. The latest outrage? Hoop earrings. Redstate’s Susan Wright covered the bizarre story earlier this week.

In a nutshell, students at Pitzer College (Claremont Colleges) recently spray-painted a message on a campus wall warning white women that their jewelry choices are racially insensitive and thus invalid....
To even make this argument exposes the ignorance of those pushing the idea.  They have been around for thousands of years before Africans even thought about using them.   But the real irony is that it took place at a university of which there were none in Africa before they were introduced by the Europeans.  So are people whose origins are other than Europeans engaging in cultural appropriation by attending a university?  To ask the question exposes how absurd the whole concept it.

I am reminded of the Canadian professor who said whites should not use canoes because it was cultural appropriation from so-called native Americans.  So how many universities had the "native Americans" established before the European migration to North America?   Are people whose origins are other than North Americans allowed to drive a car?  Wouldn't that be cultural appropriation?

In making the argument against hoop earrings, it looks like there is a limited amount of intelligent life on the campus.


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