The inconsistencies in the media and Democrats' stories on the Trump tap

Roger L. Simon:
Would an attorney general (in this case Loretta Lynch) normally inform the White House of a decision to go to a FISA court for approval of the tapping of a political presidential opponent? Did Ms. Lynch so inform the White House? Was there any discussion of this decision between the WH and the DOJ? Why did the Justice Department decide to go back to the FISA court in October for a second try at approval? Whose idea was that? Did they did have additional information? What was that? Was Trump's name included in the brief the first time but omitted in the second? Why? If none of this happened, who made it up and why? That makes no sense, considering how easy it would be to disprove. Unless, of course, although it's not supposed to happen, the NSA just regularly taps everything and everybody, including presidential candidates, the president elect, and the president himself. But why then on Jan 12 of this year, again according to the New York Times, did the Obama administration suddenly broadly extend the powers of the NSA?

I could go on, but you get the point. The possibilities here are endless. And WikiLeaks already revealed Obama's extensive use of wiretaps. It's a long list. Nothing particularly new here except this one, if it happened, was aimed at his most important adversary in our democratic republic, threatening the very underpinnings of our country and making Nixon seem like an amateur. No doubt the Democrats will hide behind national security, but that can only go on for so long. People in leadership positions like Sen. Cotton are entitled to the facts -- and they will get them eventually, perhaps quickly since this is a Trump administration finally, even if so many appointments are being held up. Also -- and this is what the sleaze-artists like Schumer and my own Rep. Adam Schiff know well -- Trump has obviously been wiretapped up the you-know-what, probably from numerous sources. If not, where have all these leaks come from? Mars?
With so many stories supposedly anonymously sourced to wiretapped information, how can the media now claim it did not happen and that there is no evidence of it?  Are they now writing corrections to past stories which relied on these sources?

Obama's denial rings hollow.


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