The Democrats absurd attacks on Jeff Sessions

Erick Erickson:
Do you not hear yourselves? You think Jeff Sessions is an agent of the Russian government or somehow duplicitous in sabotaging the American election? That is insane. Trump Derangement Syndrome has officially set in and is rotting the brains of Democrats inside and outside the American press corps.

Jeff Sessions loyally and patriotically served his country as a United States Attorney where he prosecuted members of the KKK and desegregated Alabama schools. He then ably served in the United States Senate along side Ted Kennedy, who actually did ask the Russians to intervene in the 1984 election and the Democrats were fine with that.

This is a real slur against Sessions.

He was asked, during his confirmation, if he had met with the Russians about the Trump campaign. He said no. During his time on the Senate Armed Services Committee he had met with the Russians on international business. Claire McCaskill, his colleague for part of that time, denied having ever met with the Russian ambassador, but a quick check of her Twitter timeline showed she actually had met with him.

If Claire McCaskill cannot remember, why should Jeff Sessions? More so, it is not even relevant because the context of the questions asked of Jeff Sessions were about the Trump campaign.
This is another bad faith political stunt by Democrats desperate to relitigate a campaign they lost.  It makes no sense.


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