Media uses US Attorneys' firing as another opportunity for Trump bashing

Jay Caruso:
Donald Trump got rid of 46 United States Attorneys, and the media is acting as if the world is on fire. They are trying to create a scandal where none exists. If you notice, reporters will not say Trump did anything illegal or unethical. They persist in pretending something is wrong because let’s face it, it’s Donald Trump.
Some reporters believe this is not business-as-usual, and are trying to make it a scandal, just as Kessler did. I happened to a do a search for when President Obama got rid of GWB holdovers for his attorneys, and I found two very different headlines, written by the same reporter for Politico, Josh Gerstein....
The first one says, “Trump Team Ousts Obama-Appointed U.S. Attorneys.” The second says, “Obama to replace U.S. Attorneys.”
This is what media bias looks like.


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