Media backtracking on claims of evidence of Russian collusion with Trump campaign

Conservative Review:
Levin: The media is caught redhanded in their propaganda, and they are FREAKING out!

The media are caught red-handed in their propaganda! They wanted so badly to find something nefarious placing Trump’s campaign in cahoots with Russia that they engaged in “Alinksy-like” journalism tactics, Mark Levin argued Friday night on his radio program.

Now, they have completely pivoted. Levin, who simply used reporting from left-wing outlets to suggest that the Obama administration may have been surveilling the Trump campaign before the election, has become the object of their fury (listen to a hilarious montage of such in the clip below).
Also, see streiff:
Democrats Beginning To Get Frustrated And Nervous By Russia Investigation

Funny thing is happening as the investigation into Russian “hacking” of the 2016 election gathers steam. You have Democrats beginning to snivel about the lack of evidence and you see their fellow travelers in the media encouraging Democrats to not oversell the story.
So we have two stories with similar themes of no evidence in the competing narratives.  There clearly was surveillance of some sort of Trump and his campaign that was illegally released by someone with access to it in the government.  But none of it proves the Democrat conspiracy theory.


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