Marines get new advanced attack helicopter

Stars & Stripes:
The next time Marines hit a Pacific beach, they will have the most advanced attack helicopter in the world at their backs.

Eight AH-1Z Vipers began arriving at Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in late November to permanently replace the service’s aging fleet of AH-1W Super Cobras, Marine officials said, and more are on the way.

Though they have made sporadic appearances in the region over the past few years, this is the Vipers’ first permanent deployment to the Pacific.

The Viper is faster, more powerful and more survivable than its predecessor, said Marine Corps pilots who spoke with Stars and Stripes.
 The Cobras were near antiques.  They had previously been used by the Army before they were replaced by Apache attack helicopters.  The Vipers carry more fuel, ammo and can ID an enemy at a greater distance.  All of that increases survivability.


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