Liberals finally catching on to conservative support for Trump

Jonathon Capehart:

How can conservatives support a thrice-married Trump? He ‘fights,’ says Matt Schlapp.
One of the key disappointments with George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney was that they did not push back hard enough against unfair attacks by Democrats.  They were too stoic in the face of scurrilous attacks by Democrats.  From the "Bush lied" lie by Democrats to the lies about Benghazi that were left to lie there, there was deep dissatisfaction with allowing Democrat to get away with the politics of fraud.

The media is still trying to adjust to the pushback, and liberals are wondering why their attacks are not sticking.  The media's tendentious and misleading "fact checks" are not working.

When they do stories on wiretapping the Trump campaign and then make the false claim that there is no evidence of wiretapping, it only further damages their own credibility.  They may think it matters that Obama did not directly order the tap, but conservatives find it hard to believe Obama did not know about it and approve it.


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