Liberal media thinks those who disagree with it are liars?

Washington Post:
Pro-Trump media outlets set the agenda with lies. Here’s how traditional media can take it back.

Standard journalism may not be enough to fight the “conspiracy-theory feedback loop” affecting politics and the media ecosystem.
The liberal media is not used to competition of ideas and has been using faux fact checkers for several years that have been thrown into overdrive by Trump's election.  They tend to be tendentious in their approach.

For example, did Trump lie when he said his building was being "wiretapped"?  Or was he just misusing the word to describe the leaks of his conversations and those in his campaign?  I tend to think it was the latter.  Many in the media and on the left have lost the meaning of the word lie, which is a deliberate misstatement of fact that the speaker knows to be untrue.

They tend to say that anything they disagree with is a lie regardless of the speaker's intent.  When conservatives defend themselves from these charges it is now a "conspiracy-theory feedback loop."  I guess that is opposed to the "echo chamber" Obama used to sell his deeply flawed Iran deal?

Attacking conservative media for putting their spin on events is not going to persuade conservatives to believe liberals.  The same media that had no problem with Obama allowing left wing kook sites into the White House press room seem upset that more conservative media is now getting the same opportunity.

They should take another look at the Sherman anti-trust laws when they seek to impose a liberal monopoly on news consumers.


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