Left wing Brit paper says there was no evidence to support Trump's claim on FISA and then presents some

A US official told the Guardian there was “no evidence to support that claim” of Obama ordering Trump to be wiretapped.

Just before last November’s election, however, the British former MP and novelist Louise Mensch reported that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (Fisa) court had granted a warrant to enable the FBI to conduct surveillance of “US persons” in an investigation of possible contacts between Russian banks and the Trump Organization.

Two months later, the BBC published an article backing up Mensch’s original story about the Fisa court warrant issued in October to allow the justice department to scrutinise transfers and communications between Trump associates and Russian banks. US intelligence agencies were investigating the link, it added.

The Guardian reported in January that the Fisa court had turned down an application, asking the FBI to narrow the terms of inquiry.
There appears to be some evidence that someone within the US government was trying to substantiate allegations made by Democrats in the campaign of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.  Other mainstream media outlets are likewise ignoring the evidence that there was an attempt to eavesdrop on those tied to the Trump campaign.


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