Democrat narrative thwarted by 140 character tweet?

the charges we've heard at least pass the smell test when it comes to Obama. The media and Democrats have been beside themselves with anger, noting that Trump's tweet contained no substantiation of his charges or evidence. True enough. Hard to get that into 140 words.

What's bothersome, however, is that the Democrats since last summer have been pushing a narrative that the Trump campaign had dangerous and perhaps illegal contacts with Russian officials, and that Russian officials meddled in our election and influenced it.

The fact is, there is no evidence of any kind that the Trump campaign coordinated, strategized or in any way politically colluded with Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin. Or that Russians, who evidence shows did meddle in the campaign, had any decisive impact at all.

Yet, despite the lack of evidence, the false Russian allegations have remained a mainstay of mainstream media coverage of Trump for over six months, and hardly a day goes by that Democratic Party leaders don't mention it.

The hypocrisy is stunning. The Democrats and their allies in the mostly leftwing Big Media have made a serious charge against Trump and his campaign that it can't back up, but continues to investigate.

Meanwhile, we know for a fact that President Obama repeatedly went on intelligence fishing expeditions of questionable legality, while encouraging a lawless, anything-goes environment among his own Cabinet.

He swept up the telephone records of dozens of AP reporters, spied on Fox reporter James Rosen, allowed his IRS to go after conservative groups, openly and repeatedly lied about knowing about Hillary Clinton's illegal use of an unsecured home-brew email server while secretary of state, tolerated outright perjury by administration officials over the Benghazi fiasco, and did nothing about lies made under oath by Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch about, respectively, the disastrous Fast and Furious program and Lynch's questionable private conversations with former President Clinton while Hillary Clinton was under investigation.

And this is only a partial list.

Simply put, Obama's time in office was marked by repeated violations of the law, but he suffered no consequences. The gutless media for the most part politely looked away, even though its members were some of the victims.
So Trump makes a charge based on previous media reports, and now the media imply he's a madman, unhinged, a loose cannon, a danger.
What's most irksome is that the mainstream media have thrown a complete blanket over a very plausible account because it tarnishes their hero, former President Barack Obama.

In an example of high-level media Gaslighting, they've even started to suggest Trump and his followers are insane, while totally rejecting stories that were largely reported by left-wing media.
There is more.

The Democrats appear to be hoist on their own petard.  So the media springs to their defense and acts like their previous reporting have nothing to do with an illegal surveillance program against a political opponent.  Their arguments fail the giggle test.


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