Democrat judges continue to oppose restrictions on terror suspects

Washington Examiner:
President Trump used his speech in Nashville on Wednesday to condemn a federal judge for practicing "unprecedented judicial overreach" in ruling to freeze his revised travel ban that affected six countries from the Middle East and North Africa.

Speaking of the threat to the U.S. posed by terrorists around the country, Trump said he issued his executive order to temporarily suspend immigration from places where there is a heightened security risk. Trump discussed the "bad news" which broke hours ago, pledging he "will turn it into good."
The new order, he said, "was tailored to the dictates of the Ninth Circuit in my opinion, flawed, ruling. This is the opinion of many, and "unprecedented judicial overreach."
They act like there is no enemy seeking to commit mass murder and seem willing to wait until after the fact to prosecute the mass murderers should they survive attacks on US citizens.  It seems that Islamist are the only protected religious group in the country for liberal judges who do not mind bankrupting Christians who practice their faith.

This court and other court rulings against the travel restrictions "exposes the court’s legal, intellectual, and moral bankruptcy...."


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