Challenging the global warming orthodoxy and the flawed models.

Julie Kelly:
The new EPA leader takes aim at the heart of climate-change orthodoxy.

It’s hard to overstate the significance of the recent comment by EPA administrator Scott Pruitt that there is disagreement about whether carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming. In an interview on CNBC on March 9, Pruitt said:
Measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do, and there is tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact. So, no, I would not agree that it [CO2] is a primary contributor to the global warming that we see. But we need to continue the review and the analysis.

This statement is truly extraordinary: A leading U.S. official is taking direct aim at the heart of the international climate-change crusade. It represents a total reversal of the past eight years, when everyone from the president down to low-level bureaucrats warned that climate change was a bigger threat to mankind than terrorism — to the point where they forced us to endure costly, job-killing federal regulations to stop it. Now the head of our top environmental agency is questioning the whole thing. Of all the conservative pit bulls in Trump’s Cabinet, Pruitt might be the biggest badass of them all.
There is much more.

When projections turn out to overstate or understate significantly predicted events it is always because they are based on invalid assumptions.  The climate change lobby has never been able to specify which of their assumptions are invalid, but it is highly likely they are overestimating the importance of CO2 in the calculation.

They stubbornly refused to consider the possibility and apply a religious test to those who disagree with them by calling them "deniers."  It is time to have an honest debate on the issue and stop this nonsense abut labeling those who disagree with their conclusions.


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