Trump more trusted than the media despite incessant attacks

Dan Spencer:
In the truth war between the news media and the Trump administration, A new Emerson College poll shows that voters find the Trump administration to be more truthful than the news media. As you no doubt recall, President Donald J. Trump recently and controversially referred to the news media as the “opposition party,” but maybe he just should have said “opposite,” since it seems voters find them the opposite of truthful. And find the Trump administration more honest. Go figure.

The poll found that the Trump administration is considered truthful by 49 percent of voters, while 48 percent of voters consider it untruthful. The news media, on the other hand, is considered untruthful by a majority of voters – 53 percent. Only 39 percent find the media as truthful.

President Trump and numerous members of his administration have been frequently criticized by the news media for making false statements. That criticism often uses the word lie without recognizing that the word requires an intent to deceive. That may help explain why the news media is losing the truth war. Another factor may be the way the various news media so-called fact checkers have devolved into partisan nuancing as opposed to actually checking facts.
There is more.

This piece explains one reason for the poll results:
What’s Up With The Washington Post’s Josh Rogin And His Love Affair With #FakeNews?

On Tuesday, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly testified on Capitol Hill about the travel ban Executive Order and the subject of Rogin’s story came up. This is what Kelly had to say:
Kelly in no uncertain terms backed up the White House’s denial of a report that chief strategist Steve Bannon personally attempted to stop him from issuing a waiver for green-card holders.

“I read that article Saturday morning and I would tell you that every paragraph, every sentence, every word, every space, every comma, every period was wrong,” Kelly said. “It was a fantasy story.”

Kelly said he told his public affairs team to find the writer of the original Washington Post piece — an opinion column from Josh Rogin — and “tell him that whoever his sources are, they are playing him for a fool.”
And yet, rather than retracting the story, the Post continues to run this egregious fantasy with lame “Updates.”
What is happening is that the media has their narratives and they are reluctant to let facts get in the way of it.  The Washington Post has numerous writers who see it as their job to attack President Trump rather than present the facts.  In the process they are losing their own credibility.


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