Trump administration more realistic about Israel-Palestinian deal

Washington Post:
Ahead of Netanyahu meeting, White House official says U.S. won’t insist on two-state solution

President Trump wants to produce peace between the Israelis and Palestinians in what he calls “the ultimate deal.” An administration official said the U.S. won’t insist on two states as the only outcome.
The main reason there has been no deal in the past is that there was no real pressure put on Palestinians to make a deal.  They have been intransigent about engaging in negotiations insisting on an outcome before even talking.  That is classic bad faith tactics to avoid a deal.

They are also more vulnerable now to pressure than at any time in the recent past.  Many of the Arab countries who have supported them in the past are fed up with them and see Israel as a potential ally in dealing with a hostile Iranian regime.  They are also not as flush with cash as they were before the price of oil dropped.  If the US cut funding to the Palestinian Authority, the group would be hard pressed to make it up.

If the Palestinians really want to stop the settlements they better strike a deal.


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