The NY Times seems out of touch with reality in the Middle East

Daily Caller:
The New York Times editorial board thinks President Trump shouldn’t designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization because it could make Trump the enemy of all Muslims.

The liberal paper published Thursday an editorial Thursday titled “All of Islam Isn’t the Enemy” arguing against the move, which the Trump administration is reportedly considering as a possible option. CIA Director Mike Pompeo has said he supports designating the group, which is open about its goal of creating a state ruled by Islamic law, as a terrorist organization.

“Is President Trump trying to make enemies of the entire Muslim world? That could well happen if he follows up his primitive ban on refugees and visa holders from seven Muslim nations with an order designating the Muslim Brotherhood — perhaps the most influential Islamist group in the Middle East — as a terrorist organization,” the editors charged.
The fact is that many of the US allies in the region have already designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.  They seem to have a better grasp on the threats to the region than the NY Times.  They also have this weird belief that any criticism of Muslim terrorists creates more of them.  To believe that they have to believe that Muslims become mass murders because of criticism and not because of indoctrination in a jihad ideology.

The Washington Post has the same problem:
Why listing the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror group is a bad idea

It's a deeply provocative move that worries a wide spectrum of Middle East experts and counterterrorism analysts.
These so-called experts are the ones whose advice Obama followed as Islamic terrorism increased dramatically.  The leaders in the Middle East know that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization and many of their countries have already outlawed them.  These experts lack credibility on the issue.


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