The Ninth Circuit lives down to its reputation as a liberal wasteland

NY Times:

Court Skeptical of Justice Dept. Arguments to Reinstate Ban

  • The question at hand on Tuesday was a narrow one: Should a federal appellate court lift a judge’s temporary restraining order and reinstate President Trump’s travel ban while the case proceeds?
  • No matter how the court rules — in an order that is expected within days — an appeal to the United States Supreme Court is likely.
There is a good reason this court is the most overturned appeals court in the US.  It is loaded with liberals who ignore the constitution and reach results based on their liberal bias rather than the law and the constitution.  

This should be an easy case.  The lower court screwed up because the judge did not like the policy of the Trump administration and the circuit court appears poised to confirm in its own screw up ignoring the law and the facts.

This appears to be part of a concerted effort by leftist to sabotage the Trump administration at every turn.  They probably deliberately choose to start on the left coast to give them a leg up in getting to the supreme Court, while democrats in Washington do everything they can to stall the confirmations of Trump appointments such as the Attorney General and a new Supreme court Justice.

The bad faith by Democrats in both arenas is palpable.


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