The multi-culti cult of the left has made immigration an issue

NY Times:

Immigration Doesn’t Hurt the Economy, but a Bias Persists

An unsettling assertion that immigrants can erode social norms and productivity has a foothold in academic circles.
The cult of multiculturalism has attempted to change the American culture and get people to accept some of the failed cultural aspects that caused the immigrants to leave their former countries in the first place.  By not insisting that immigrants embrace the American culture they have made native Americans feel uncomfortable in their own country.

The Muslim culture is in collapse in much of the Middle East and North Africa, yet the left objects to screening these immigrants to see if they believe in Islamic supremacy.  If they do, they are not a good candidate for immigrating to this country.  They will not be happy here and they will be targeted by Islamic extremists to become terrorists.  If they are willing to embrace the American culture and agree that their children can also embrace it then they have a chance to become good citizens.

There are also the economic immigrants who are here illegally and they do tend to depress wages and lead to joblessness for many poorer Americans.  The high number of criminal illegal aliens also suggest the US has become a dumping ground for the lawless from Mexico and Central America.  These people need to be deported and it was a terrible failure of the Obama administration to not deport the crooks.  It led to some of the resistance to immigration in general.


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