The irrational fear of an immigration ban

Washington Post:
In Silicon Valley, curbs on immigration could lead to a brain drain. Canada stands to benefit.

Vancouver — just a two-hour flight from San Francisco — already has 75,000 tech jobs and one-third of its office space devoted to the industry. And with foreign-born tech workers worried their U.S. visas may disappear, some companies are exploring whether to move more jobs over the border.
This fear makes no sense to me.  The crackdown on illegal aliens is focused on criminals.  The temporary suspension order was on countries that are unlikely to have any tech geniuses, to begin with.  Most of the immigrants being hired in the tech industry appear to be from India.  These people are usually math wizards who do not have a history of exploding in mass murder attacks.  I think it is unlikely that they would be the subjects of visa restrictions.

Where there could be a problem for businesses is where they fire American workers to bring in people from other countries to replace them.


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