The Democrats are pushing another huge con job to try to resurrect their party

NY Times Editorial:

Time to Investigate Trump’s Ties to Russia

In history, this is where Congress steps in.
The charges are fraudulent and ridiculous.  As other posts have shown Obama had communications with adversaries before he was even elected and in the case of Iran told them he would give them a better deal than Bush in the nuclear negotiations.  That is probably one of the few promises he kept.  But the US and the world are much less safer as a result of the horrible deal Obama cut.

There is nothing at all unusual about a new administration communicating with other countries during the time before the inauguration.  As the Times' on reporting has shown, there is no evidence that Trump officials conspired with Russia to effect the election.  This is a bogus and fraudulent operation by Democrats and liberals in the media.  Congress should call BS on this up front.

The Democrats have a history of bad faith charges.  The "Bush lied" lie was dishonest and disgusting and unpatriotic.  If they were honest, they would have focused on the faulty intelligence operations instead of the people who acted on the intelligence.  But they are fundamentally dishonest politicians.
Now we have an intelligence community that is withholding information from the President while leaking to a hostile media.  That is an intolerable and treasonous situation that should be the focus of a Congressional investigation and not this phony Russian conspiracy theory.


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