Texas gets it right on bad Ninth Circuit opinion

Washington Post:
More than 20 states have urged the court to keep Trump’s travel ban frozen. Texas just asked it be restored.

Texas — the first state to come out in support of the ban — argued that Trump was well within his authority to stop certain foreigners from entering the country while officials reassess vetting procedures.
In the 45 years since I graduated from law school, I have never seen an opinion that was so shoddy.  It was illogical and ignored the law.  In effect, it declared an immigration statute unconstitutional without even mentioning it or explaining what aspect of the law was unconstitutional.  Its assertion that someone who has never been to this country is entitled to due process before being denied entry is patently absurd.

The fact that other states are willing to put their citizens at risk from potential terrorists is not a persuasive argument for a bad decision.


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