Terrorism risk will trump immigration issues

Greg Gutfeld:
Before there was radical Islam, immigration and terror didn't mix. No one coming here was trying to blow up your family at a mall over some maniacal belief in a death cult.

So you had the luxury of holding separate opinions about borders and national security. You could be liberal about who crossed the river from down south and totally hardcore regarding the Soviet threat.

That's the past.

The explosion of jihad and its desire to export its contagious madness to all areas of the world have changed the way we view immigration. Terror, married to technology and accommodated by progress in travel, has turned evil individuals into traveling ballistic missiles. They pick a spot, and they hit it. Islamists are nothing but guided missiles that pride themselves on taking out as many infidels as possible.

This is why those who decry or defame President Trump’s executive order limiting travel to the U.S. are playing a dangerous game, one built on emotional response and virtue signaling. The critics are not interested in facts; they are interested in being perceived as heroic defenders of freedom. Which is false. Their beliefs make the future of freedom vulnerable to those who take advantage of the naïve and wish to annihilate our freedoms forever. They are worse than the fellow travelers during the Cold War. They hold hands with terror and guide it in.

The protesters gladly eviscerate Trump but ignore President Obama, who also stopped travel once, after a specific threat. Also, let’s not forget that Obama helped engineer this catastrophe by exiting Iraq early and allowing the rise of ISIS. But the media lets him off the hook. And Hillary, too.

Speaking of protest … I look at all the ragtag armies quickly assembled at every airport, and I wonder why they don’t give 2 cents for the Christians around the world who are truly persecuted. I guess it's just not edgy enough to give a damn about people who look and act like your parents.
There is more.

The left is willing to take chances with your life and your families life to make them feel good about their "virtue."  They are the kind of people who hope every terrorist attack is by a "white nationalist" so that it will not reverberate against their favored "victim class."

While some in the State Department whine about the reaction of Muslims around the world, the leaders of Muslim countries seem to understand the risk and impose similar restraints.


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