Misleading story of the day

Houston Chronicle:
Texas colleges have the potential to lose big if Trump's travel ban is reinstated

It's no surprise that these institutions are set to lose big if Trump's travel ban is reinstated, and Texas universities could be especially hard hit. A recent report by data site College Factual found that universities have $700 million at stake in the form of revenue from international students paying full tuition.

Texas alone sees a financial gain of more than $47 million, according to the site.
I have serious doubts about this analysis.  Perhaps it was too good to check from the viewpoint of the media, but how many students are there from the seven countries involved in the 120-day ban, and why can't they come after it expires?  I would be surprised if there is more than a handful from any of the named countries.  It appears to me the analyst is trying to conflate all foreign students as being banned.  If they are they are truly misinformed.  The media should at least ask the question.


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