Mexico's attempts to interfere with the US election?

There was foreign interference in the U.S. Presidential Election. It came from Mexico.

Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, plotted with Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. President election.

A longtime friend of the now disgraced Clinton political machine, Fox called Trump supporters lazy, uneducated, TV watching drunks.

"We need to wake up that citizen. We need them to take them away from the TV and drinking beer, to working hard, to getting the skills, to getting knowledge, and they will come along, like everybody else."

Promoting an anti-Trump agenda with Pelosi, Fox said: "What I've been saying here, I told her. Count with us, with all Mexicans, to support the Democratic Party because you've done much better with us than the Republican Party."

"We will never convince any Mexican either in the (United) States or in Mexico or any Latin American in the States or Latin America to support this false prophet," said Fox. On Cinco de Mayo in 2016, Fox mocked Trump for eating a taco bowl at Trump Tower Grill.

Trump, Fox said, "is going to get an indigestion. That's not Mexican food."

Fox, who predicted the Republican party would lose badly in 2016, has not apologized for any of his harsh remarks and has doubled down on poisoning Mexico's approach to the new U.S. administration.
There is more.

Some Democrats appear to be urging illegal voting by illegal aliens.  One former ICE official said that in many of his arrests he found voter registration cards on the illegal aliens in his custody.

Mexican officials are probably disappointed by the election, but they really need to focus on getting their own house in order and quit sending those who have been failed by the Mexican economy to the US.


  1. When Fox was President of Mexico He said he would create over a Million new jobs. He however he did not mention they would be in the US. Due to our open borders and easy access.


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