Media still mischaracterizing criticism of radical Islam as attack on all

NY Times:

Dark View of Islam Now Steers White House

A vision of Islam as inherently hostile has long flourished on the far right. Now Mr. Trump and his top aides have pushed it to the center of American decision-making on security and law.
This is a gross mischaracterization of the position of the administration and its backers when it comes to radical Islam.  There is an Islamist supremacy strain within Islam that is the main problem.  This includes the Muslim Brotherhood and the leadership of Iran as well as the terror groups al Qaeda and ISIL.

Muslim leaders in allied countries know this and see these same people as threats to their own security.  The only people who do not seem to comprehend this threat are liberals in the US and Europe who have this ridiculous notion that if you are critical of those Islamists it will make ordinary Muslims want to become mass murderers. It suggests that Muslims in general, are too unstable to be treated as reasoning adults.

I do not understand why the media and liberals are so willfully ignorant of the distinction.  But this article appears to embrace a misunderstanding of opponents of Islamist supremacists.  Perhaps they see some political advantage for Democrats in pushing this false narrative.


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