How Obama's policies allowed al Qaeda to grow in Yemen

Washington Post:
Deadly U.S. raid in Yemen reveals strength of al-Qaeda affiliate

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula had collected enough intelligence to anticipate the U.S. action, Yemeni officials and analysts said. The militants also had the firepower to counterattack from their bastion.
Why was this group allowed to grow to be such a threat?  It is pretty clear that the restrictions on drone strikes were a failure in containing them.  The presence of civilians in the compound was probably intended to keep the US from using drone strikes because of Obama's aversion to civilian casualties.

It is not clear that alQaeda had intelligence on the operation.  They could have been tipped off by drones flying too low or by the noise of the choppers.  Usually, in such raids, the insertion takes place a distance from the target and the special ops troops move quietly to contact.  But even those movements can be compromised by the presence of sentries or dogs barking.

It is not surprising that the enemy had significant firepower.  What should not be overlooked, though, is that the SEAL Team Six operators overcame a numerically superior enemy and completed their mission retrieving valuable intelligence on one of the world's worst terrorist organizations.  The fact that they met resistance should not be considered a failure.  It was one of the facts of life and death in a war.

I get the impression that Obamaites deeply embedded in the Pentagon are trying to use the resistance of the enemy as a reason to criticize President Trump.  They are being political opportunist.  This operation was nothing like the failures of the Obama administration at Benghazi.


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