GOP to investigate leaks that appear to be aimed at sabotaging Trump administration

Washington Examiner:
House and Senate Republicans are following President Trump's lead by demanding investigations into the damaging leaks that have been pouring out of the federal government since President Trump took office.

Leaks that exposed former national security adviser Mike Flynn's phone call to the Russian ambassador in December, as well as conversations between Trump and foreign leaders, have frustrated Trump in his first few weeks in office. When Democrats pounced and said further investigations into the White House are warranted, Trump said the "real" issue is the leaks themselves.

"The real story here is why there are so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington," Trump tweeted.

Republicans in Congress made it clear they are ready to oblige. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., is drafting a letter to the FBI that will ask the bureau investigate the leaks.
The investigation should be pretty straight forward.  First, you make a list of everyone who had access to the information that was leaked.  That should not be too hard if it was classified information.  Then you, start questioning those with access under oath.  If the pool of those with access is pretty small, investigators may be able to focus in on a suspect.

There is reason to believe that members of the Obama administration have been actively trying to sabotage the Trump administration, particularly those who are responsible for his bad deal with Iran.  You might also be able to smoke them out by declassifying some of the aspects of the deal, that they are desperately trying to keep the public from finding out.


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