Education establishment's fear of change with DeVos

NY Times:

DeVos, Pick for Education Secretary, Is the Most Jeered

Some Senate offices reported receiving more calls opposing Betsy DeVos than any other Trump nominee after a confirmation hearing in which she seemed ignorant of federal education law.
The teachers' unions and school administrators appeared to be frightened by the prospect of having to actually compete for students.  Despite the lousy job they have done especially in the minority community, these groups are bitterly clinging to their failed system and pushing the bogus notion that if the US just gave them more money they would e successful.  If that were true, the DC schools would be sending all their graduates to Harvard.

They need the shakeup of a DeVos challenge to start actual producing results rather than failure and if they don't let someone else provide a quality education that is satisfactory to the parents.  I am not at all impressed by their ability to turn out phone calls of opposition.


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