Democrats continue to politicize the Supreme Court

Washington Post:
A fractured U.S. Senate awaits the nominee

Democrats warned of a possible filibuster to block Gorsuch, noting that Republicans blocked former president Barack Obama’s final Supreme Court nominee for most of 2016. “This is a stolen seat,” Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) said. That will put pressure on Republicans, who have been agonizing over whether to change longstanding Senate rules to break Democratic resistance.
Democrats tend to see the court as a means to impose their unpopular political agenda on the country when they lack the political capital and skills to get it enacted into law.  It is one of the reasons they are so enamored with an obviously bad decision like Roe v. Wade.   It is penumbra law.

Doing away with it would still allow abortions in states where proponents of the procedure have the votes to pass it  Democrats want it in states where the majority fo people do not want it, so they made up a "right" out of the margins of a right of privacy which was already something of a stretch on the issue.

Most of them will oppose Gorsuch because they want to eviscerate the 2nd amendment and continue to allow abortions at any time prior to gestation.  That is what their fight is really about and it was why Republicans opposed Obama's nominee.


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