Democrats and ACLU seeking to keep felons in this country?

Daily Mail:

Killers, child sex abusers and drug traffickers - Homeland Security boss lists crimes of the illegals rounded up last week as Trump says 'we're getting the bad ones out'
  • Federal immigration officers arrested nearly illegal immigrants in multi-state raids last week
  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says 75 per cent who got arrested were 'criminal aliens'
  • The agency listed such crimes as homicide, sexual assault, drug trafficking, and DUI 
  • It didn't say how the other 25 per cent who weren't violent criminals got arrested
  • The agency 'conducts these kind of targeted enforcement operations regularly and has for many years,' it said, raising questions about whether the raids represented a new policy
  • There were raids in Southern California, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Texas and North Carolina
  • 'We're actually taking people that are criminals very, very hardened criminals,' said Trump
This is happening while many on the left are questioning the sanity of the President.  Judging by their opposition to these deportations you would have to conclude they are focusing on the wrong people"s sanity.   I suspect the nonviolent criminal aliens may have been guilty of identity theft where they used someone else's Social Security number to get a job.  It is also a crime for a person who has been deported to come back into the country.


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