California is paying the price for putting welfare spending ahead of infrastructure maintenance

NY Times:

Racing Rain to Fix a Dam Amid Mass Evacuations

Workers were assessing how to shore up a spillway that officials feared could collapse at the Oroville Dam in Northern California, but thousands have been evacuated and more rain is anticipated.
They were aware of the problem well before the rain came and did not fix it.

Washington Post:
Officials were warned the Oroville Dam emergency spillway wasn’t safe

In 2005, three environmental groups told state and federal officials that, in the event of severe flooding, water would erode the hillside below the spillway of the California dam and flood nearby communities. That nearly happened on Sunday.
Instead, California has engaged in welfare vote buying schemes and overgenerous employee payments and benefits. When I was in California a little over a year ago, some of their roads were in terrible shape.  I have seen better in third world countries.

California has also wasted money on its bullet train to bankruptcy.  It has sought to provide healthcare benefits to illegal aliens.  It has become a liberal basket case of bad management while running off the middle class because they restricted the supply of housing making it unaffordable.

It has been interesting to watch its governor go from saying Trump is not his President to asking for help on dealing with a crumbling dam spillway.  It may be time for him to make a deal with the dealmaker in chief.


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