California has failed to maintain its infrastructure

NY Times:

Many of California’s Dams Are Badly in Need of Repair

The state’s water infrastructure is suffering from age and stress, and older dams may not be designed to deal with severe weather patterns brought by global warming.
It is suffering from a lack of maintenance more than anything.  The weather is not that unusual in that it has happened before.  But California has spent most of its money on welfare benefits and generous employee salaries and pensions rather than maintaining basic infrastructure.  It is also wasting billions on 19th-century technology for a fast train.   It has prioritized welfare for illegals over taking care of its basic business.  Liberalism is killing the state and driving out the middle class.

They are also partly the victims of the so-called climate scientists who proclaimed a permanent drought for California which may have misled the government into thinking that maintenance on reservoirs was unnecessary.


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