Beggar entity known as Palestinian Authority worries about US funding cuts

The West Bank’s Palestinian Authority (PA) has set up a committee to come up with worst-case scenario financial strategies that may unfold for Palestinians now that US President Donald Trump, who is sympathetic to Israeli interests, has entered office.

While one of former President Barack Obama’s last actions before leaving the post was releasing $221 million (£179 million) in aid to the PA, new White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has suggested that Mr Trump could renege on the commitment.

On the campaign trail Mr Trump was vociferous in his support for right-wing Israeli positions such as unpicking the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, settlement building in the West Bank, and moving the US embassy to the contested city of Jerusalem.

While Mr Trump’s administration has used more cautious language since he was inaugurated on January 20, Israel has still welcomed him as a “friend in the White House,” a significant shift after eight years of worsening relations with predecessor Barack Obama.

Palestinians widely view the bold new Israeli announcement of the building of thousands of new settlement homes in the West Bank as a direct result of “encouragement” from Mr Trump, as the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) described it.

Many are worried that either the threat or lure of financial aid will be used to make Palestinians negotiate despite the distaste for recent Israeli actions.
I would support cutting off the funding and encourage the EU to do likewise.   Giving the PA money is just subsidizing their intransigence.  If you want a deal, put pressure on the real problem and not on Israel.  With the help of the UN and other donor states the PA has supported terrorism and refused to negotiate in good faith, putting forth deal killer preconditions.  The PA has no legitimate claim to Jerusalem.  It should accept what Israel is willing to give them and try to make a go of it on their own.


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