Anti-energy left finding few takers for their West Texas protest operation

Fuel Fix:
Activists are still trickling in to the camps set up in West Texas to protest oil and gas developments.

Last week, Lori Glover, one of the camp leaders, said the Two Rivers camp, near Big Bend Ranch State Park, had about 15 campers during the week and about 50 over the weekends, including four from North Dakota. The camp is focused on blocking construction of the Trans-Pecos Pipeline being built by Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners.

Some of the camp gathered on Sunday at one of the pipeline work sites as 16-year old Destiny Wilcuts locked herself to a bulldozer, forcing crews to stop construction for an hour, activists said.
The biggest beneficiaries of these anti-energy protest are OPEC and the Russian oligarchs.  These people are deliberately trying to run up the cost of domestic energy operations.  Their claims about pipelines messing up the water supply are specious.  It is the safest way to transport oil and gas.  It si the poor who will be hurt the most by higher energy prices.


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