Alternative energy leads to blackouts in Australia heat wave
“It’s a chronic failing that can only hurt investment confidence in the state,” Mr Birmingham said.

“It’s a demonstration that ad hoc state-based renewable energy targets have gone too far — when reliability can’t be maintained on a day the likes of which SA faces numerous times every single summer.”

Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg said the blackout “is yet another example of Jay Weatherill’s failed experiment”.

“Because of the lack of base load generation there literally wasn’t enough electricity being produced to power the state,” he said.

“It’s time Labor both federally and at a state level recognised its high renewable energy targets are putting at risk energy security and affordability.”
One of the serious failing of alternative energy is its inability to modulate the flow to meet demand.  It requires fossil fuel backups which drives up the cost since it requires dual systems.  Until the [proponents of alternative energy can make it more competitive and efficient it is unlikely to be a reliable source of electricity.


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