Reporter who covertly worked with Clinton campaign says Trump ineffective

NY Times:

Trump Finds That Attack-Dog Strategy Has Its Limits

The report on Russian efforts to influence the outcome of the election made it clear that a tactic from the campaign would not necessarily work in Washington.
One of the revelations in the Wikileaks material showed Thrush submitting his articles for Politico to the Clinton campaign for approval and editing.  Actually, Trump has made his point that the election itself was not compromised by the alleged Russian hacking.  In fact, the people who published the report found no evidence that the voting process was hacked.  The report also reveals, indirectly, that the areas were Trump won his election do not even have access to the Russian propaganda broadcast.

It appears that the reporter has a dog in the fight over the Wikileaks documents.  I am surprised the Times assigned him to report on the issue.


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