Replacing Obamacare should start with removing absurd regulations like birth control for nuns

NY Times:

Health Care Industry Is Quiet as Millions May Lose Insurance

Professionals who were integral to the creation of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 are keeping their voices down as Republicans rush to dismantle it.
Making birth control an over the counter medication would be a good start.  The absurdity of requiring men and nuns to pay for it when they don't want it or need it is one of the things that drove up the cost and there are other requirements of coverage that need to be stripped from the law.   Requirements should be reduced to basics and then allow people to add any additional coverage they want to pay for.

I think the plan of allowing a tax credit that allows people to create a health savings account to cover deductibles along with reduced  regulations for coverage could get people more affordable policies with less government interference.


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