Media mavens can't handle question about knowing people who drive pickup trucks

Sean Davis:
Watch A Bunch Of Journalists Freak Out After Being Asked If They Know Anybody Who Drives A Truck

If you thought what happened in 2016 might teach the Panem progressives of American journalism to be a little more circumspect, you'd be wrong.
About 20 years ago as I was finishing up the construction of my house I decided to buy a truck and use it for a few months and then sell it.  I bought a used Ford Ranger.  I wound up keeping it for 10 years.  I loved that truck.  I traded it in during the financial crisis buying a Ford F-150.  I am now on my second F-150 and it is both a comfortable ride and useful for several different projects.

These journalists who were hypersensitive about whether they knew anyone who owned a pickup truck need to get out of their bubble.  The piece is worth reading just to understand how out of touch these people are with middle America.


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