Media ignores the fact that there was no Russian interference with vote counting

NY Times:

Senators and Spy Chief Rebut Trump on Russia Findings

  • Top intelligence officials and senators from both parties issued a forceful affirmation of Russian interference in the election, rebuffing efforts by President-elect Donald J. Trump to cast doubt.
  • “There’s a difference between skepticism and disparagement,” James R. Clapper Jr., the director of national intelligence, said at the Senate panel hearing.
The media has been pushing a bogus narrative that the Russians hacked the election.  They did no such thing and intelligence officials admitted that at the hearing.  They choose instead to focus on the question of whether outside parties had access to DNC and John Podesta's emails while overlooking the fact that there is no evidence that releasing that information changed anyone's vote.

While there is also some allegations of "fake news" the released emails were not fake as far as we can tell and no one has demonstrated that they were anything other than copies of the originals.  So, they are left with having to argue that releasing accurate copies of emails caused the Democrats to lose.  This is coming from the same paper that published excerpts of illegally obtained copies of Trump's tax return from a past year.

This looks like a bogus attempt to delegitimize Trump's electoral victory for partisan purposes and they are using the intelligence agencies to support that effort.  In the long run, that will only make those agencies less credible with the new administration, not to mention the media's own credibility.


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