Mattis recognizes Iran and Russian threats

NY Times:

James Mattis Calls Iran ‘Biggest Destabilizing Force’ in Region

General Mattis, the president-elect’s choice for defense secretary, responded to policy questions for a congressional hearing on his nomination.
Mattis Says Russia is Trying to Break NATO. Distance from Trump?
There is a difference between understanding a threat and wanting to deal with it in a rational manner.  I do not see a distancing from Trump at this point.  Trump is going to give improving relations with Russia a chance, but that does not mean he does not comprehend the current danger.

I think it is clear that the new administration is not as naive about Iran as the Obama administration has been.  The current regime in Iran is made up of genocidal Islamic religious bigots whom the media and the Obama administration have attempted to describe as "moderates."  That raises the question, compared to what?


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