Liberal in the media not moving support away from Trump

The Trump dossier doesn't faze his voters: 'I haven't been following that'

Supporters of the president-elect direct a similar ire toward media despite a week of sensational allegations and the reveleation of potential ties to Russia
This is what happens to the media when they decide not to treat Trump fairly,.  Their attempts to dent his support are not believed.

This piece interviews several Trump supporters in towns like Bellville and Brenham, Texas as well as elsewhere around the country.  Since I live near Brenham, it was interesting to see them confirm my impression of the election in this community.
Brenham, like most places in the state outside the major cities, voted for Trump. “The only Hillary sign that we saw was ‘put her in jail’,” said Thomas, a 79-year-old retired firefighter and US navy veteran.
He is right about the signs.  I did not even see the put her in jail sign, but Trump signs were everywhere.


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