Liberal histrionics a real loser

Joel Kotkin:
The election showed a still deeply divided nation. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but the GOP triumphed everywhere else, notably at the congressional level, where they won by 3.5 million votes, and it did even better at the state and local levels. Certainly, the progressives can get back into the game, but first they need to toss out the berets, stop talking civil disobedience and instead embrace the role of loyal opposition, using counter-arguments rather than histrionics.
I am not sure they are smart enough to embrace that role.  For the most part, they resort to name calling.  Whomever they attack it is usually with epithets, i.e. racist, sexist, bigots and homophobes, or more recently deplorables.  Their latest defense of their failed healthcare policy is to claim that Republicans want to make Americans sick again.  That narrative is preposterous on its face.

What they need to explain is why a single mother of two now has to pay more than her mortgage payment for healthcare insurance with a deductible to match.  Those with jobs that do not include insurance are much worse off under Obamacare, and the Democrats do not care.


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